There are lots of different opinions and perspectives on wedding registries.

Some couples think they’re totally necessary and an absolute must have!  How else will your guests who want to get you a gift know what you like or need?!

Other couples prefer to opt out of getting a registry for various personal reasons.  Maybe they have all of the towels, dinnerware and kitchen appliances they need and would prefer not to receive any additional gift items.

I was initially concerned with what I would do about a registry.  It sounded like a great idea [I don’t mind walking around a store with a barcode scanner]!  But what would I do if I received any of those gifts?  I wasn’t living in a space that allowed me to store accumulated items that I planned to use in some “near” future.

And then I moved.  I became a first time homeowner with my fiance.

He had previously owned his own one-bedroom condo, but during the selling process he purged a TON of stuff!  There were some pots and pans that were just barely holding it together, and they just had to go!

And then I had all this empty space.  We purchased a townhouse!  There was actually space and cabinets in this kitchen!  With absolutely nothing in them.

Hmm….OK.  So, we started off small.  Bought the absolute essentials – the cheapest pot and pan we could find at a discount store.  Reused some plates, forks, spoons and knives that we already had.  And felt OK sticking with the minimal towels and sheets that we owned.

It just made sense to go ahead and create a registry to help us get some things for our new home!  If you’re newly engaged and planning your wedding, CONGRATULATIONS!  Here are 5 tips [based on experience] when creating your registry!

  1. Do your research!  Before you start your registry, consider which stores carry brands and/or items you would like.  Some stores also offer special promotions and additional discounts if your registry items are not purchased by guests [you may be able to get a discount on items you purchase on your own after your wedding date].  Also, do your research on the return policy for stores you’re considering starting a registry with – there may be a return policy that includes a time frame to exchange/return gifts!
  2. Consider quantity.  Consider the number of place settings you might need when adding items like dinnerware and silverware to your registry.  For example, if only 4 settings are included in the box but your dining room table seats 8, you may consider adding 2 sets!  Unless, of course, you only intend to use the dinnerware set for 4 of the seats at your table.
  3. Have an assortment of items.  Think about what you need in different areas of your home.  Things you might need for your bedroom [pillows, blankets, sheets], bathroom [towels, robes] and kitchen [mixers, coffee makers, food processors] help your guests have a variety of items they can choose from.  Of course, depending on your living space and lifestyle you may not need ALL types of items, so that’s also something to consider.
  4. Don’t be afraid to add items you really want.  Make sure you’re happy with the choices that you made to include items on your registry!  Don’t feel bad about adding particular items to the list – at the end of the day, it’s up to your guest to determine what they feel comfortable giving as a gift.  This is list is to help your family and friends help make your wishes come true within their means!
  5. Have fun with it!  In the end, this is your wish list of items that you would love to have.  🙂

What’s your thoughts on registries?  Do you have a favorite gift that you received [or home/kitchen gadget that you found particularly useful]?  Let me know in the comments below!  I’d love to hear about these wonderful kitchen gadgets 😉

Good luck!

Shelly at Simple Casual Chic