There’s no doubt that Los Angeles has a plethora of shopping spots that will satisfy any shopper’s need to shop their hearts out!  Keep reading if you want to know about some worthwhile outlet malls and cute shopping centers.

Although I was staying in Downtown LA, being a true shopaholic, I was 100% OK with traveling outside of the heart of the city to search for things I knew I’d love.

Camarillo Premium Outlets

In preparation for my trip, I researched shops, malls and outlet malls so I knew what to expect.  After putting the majority of my paychecks for the last year and a half towards first time homeownership and a wedding, I was ready to treat myself to some new clothes!

I came across the Camarillo Premium Outlet mall, and thankfully they had a full store directory and map view-able on their website.  Quick note: LOTS of stores.

Compared to other California outlets I found online, this one had stores I was particularly interested in – 7 for All Mankind, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, J. Crew and lululemon.  Right up my alley!  Totally going there.  And completely worth the 1.5+ hour car ride, with traffic.

Some might think these are pretty pricey stores…And yes, at regular price, they sure are!  That’s why I’m trying to find them at the outlets.  I had no idea that 7 for All Mankind jeans in the outlets could be as low as $25-$40!  *jaw drop*  Not gonna lie, got carried away…

This is an actual photo of my “successful” shopping trip.  I tried to get a photo of me holding all of the bags.  But…there were too many bags.

Citadel Outlets

Located closer to Downtown LA but a smaller outlet mall, Citadel Outlets was second on my list of outlet malls to visit.  It’s probably about a third of the size of Camarillo Premium Outlets and has lots of the pretty standard outlet mall shops – Banana Republic, GAP, Ann Taylor, Under Armor, Levis, etc.  I had already done the insane haul shopping by the time I got here, so I didn’t really shop around.  It looked like there was also some kind of event/special going on so it was very crowded and hard to get into some of the stores anyway.

The Americana at Brand

I’ll be honest.  I heard about the Americana at Brand in Glendale through a variety of YouTube vloggers and influencers that I follow…and that’s what led me here!

A cute little outdoor mall with a water fountain in the middle of the grounds with jazz playing over the speakers, there’s something about this mall that is casual but luxurious at the same time.  Stores ranging from Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, to Nordstrom, Anthropologie and Tiffany’s, there’s a little bit of variety.  We also passed several eateries and a movie theater.

I heard about a store called & Other Stories, and I wasn’t expecting to come across a brick-and-mortar!  Found one here, and was curious to see what was inside.  🙂

Outside the Anthropologie store with my finds from & Other Stories.  Yes, I wear a FitBit so I can see how much I’m walking while shopping – gotta get those steps in!

The Grove

I swear, I’m being influenced by those YouTube influencers – it’s working!  The Grove is another store I’ve seen mentioned in videos, and again, I was curious, so to the Grove we go!

My understanding is that the Grove and the Americana are some how affiliated, maybe through a management company.  The look and feel of both malls are similar – water fountain in the center of the property with jazz music playing over the speakers.  Similar layout, types of stores [although not exactly the same stores] and restaurants.

I saw that they had opened a Daniel Wellington store here and was curious to check it out, but they weren’t yet open when I passed by.  Shucks!

The Original Farmers Market

At the end of the mall, and right across the street is where the Original Farmers Market is located.  Part of the reason why I wanted to go to the Grove was because I wanted to check out this farmers market 🙂 [See, I’m not just influenced by those videos!]

I was on a specific mission to find special Los Angeles treats for my fur baby, and found the Dog Bakery.  The Farmers Market is a permanent market place where merchants have designated booths and sections for their stores, the Dog Bakery is one of them.

This is a huge market place that has lots of different items, foods to try, things to bring back home, and of course some specialty goods for your furry friend.

Want to see more pictures?  Click here to follow me on IG!  To respect these establishments, I’m only posting a few photos of these shopping malls.  You should see them in person yourself!

Hope you found this post helpful and that it gave you some shopping inspiration for an upcoming trip you may be planning to Los Angeles!  As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions below!

*This is not a sponsored post.  I have purchased products from the above mentioned stores with my own money.  I always promise to give my honest feedback.*

Shelly at Simple Casual Chic