Whoa!  We’re already in July!  I’ve been MIA.  Between moving and planning a wedding, “free time” kind of got away from me.  Finally back from the mini-moon, I can start posting here again!  I’ve got plans for some new content (aka what I did on my trip)!

Speaking of mini-moon…What’s a vacation without some sightseeing?!

Here’s a list of some of the places I visited during my stay in Los Angeles to serve as inspiration for a future trip to California.  Please note that this list is sorted sequentially, based on the order in which I visited each place.

  1. La Brea Tar Pits 

    This is a photo outside of the La Brea Tar Pits.  I didn’t actually go into the museum, but now I wish I did!  We couldn’t find much information about what was displayed inside, but I found out after we left that there is an entire exhibit on fossils and excavations that actually happen on site!  If you are sensitive to smells, like I am, I will warn you that there is a very strong tar scent throughout the grounds [obviously].  I didn’t last very long outside!

  2. LACMA [Los Angeles County Museum of Art]LACMA is literally right next door to the La Brea Tar Pits!  Here is a photo of the Urban Lights display that is oh-so-popular on IG.  There were tons of interesting exhibits.  Overall the art exhibits are separated through several buildings that are on site.  Some have more historical themes and others contemporary/modern art.  There’s something for anyone looking for history, or to appreciate someone’s creative outlet and everything in between.

    Ancient Japanese Samurai armor on display.  How did they make this stuff back then?!
  3. Griffith ObservatoryOn our second try to make it to The Griffith Observatory, we were thankful for the clear, sunny day!  The first attempt was a fail – there are so many people trying to visit, and with very limited parking…well, it’s just a nightmare.  [Tip: catch an Uber]  You may have seen the observatory in films, recently ‘LA LA LAND’, and other TV shows, etc.  If you have a curiosity for science, planets, and if you’re a Leonard Nimoy fan [there’s the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon presentation theater], this is the place to go.

    There was a cool wall of an assortment of stars [pins, earrings, etc.] in one of the hallways leading out to the gift shop, cafe and other exhibits.
  4. Grammy MuseumStaying in downtown LA was a very interesting experience.  Right next to our hotel was the Grammy Museum at LA Live.  Music samples, interactive booths and celebrity outfits were all on display at this museum [think Daft Punk, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and much more!].  Very cool if you’re into music!
  5. Skyspace at US BankRight across the street from the Los Angeles Public Library is the US Bank building, home of the OUE Skyspace – California’s tallest open-air observation deck [if you like heights].Once you’ve rode up to where the exhibit begins, you’ll find some educational information about the building and some interactive displays.  This is a picture I took looking down an old elevator shaft that has been illuminated.  Mirrors were also added for visual impact.  It was pretty scary standing and looking down!!

    There are a few different levels with indoor and outdoor spaces that you can observe the LA skyline.  Here’s a photo from one of the lookout points.  It’s a little bit of a gamble depending on what day you decide to visit and what the weather will be like.  There were very clear, sunny days where the sky was very blue, but on the day we visited there was a bit of haze.  Still a great view though!

  6. Japanese American National MuseumThe Japanese American National Museum is located in Little Tokyo right across the street from Japanese markets, shops and restaurants.  It was a great cultural experience because not only is California a place where many Japanese Americans live, but Hawaii is one too!  I saw a lot of familiar names like Pasty Mink and Daniel Inouye, which helped me to piece together some of the history, since there was so much information!
  7. HollywoodOf course a day in Hollywood is a must if you’re visiting LA!  We jumped on a bus tour to get around these busy streets!  It was a little difficult to snap photos from the top of the bus [awkward angles], but I tried my best!Here’s the Hard Rock Cafe at the beginning of our tour 🙂
  8. California Science Center
    I’m just amazed the admission to most of the exhibits at the California Science Center is free!  There were so many impressive sections of this museum, I don’t know how this works!There was a huge space exhibit and the museum is home of the Space Shuttle Endeavour.  There were special tickets for admission to actually see the Endeavour [and Gunther von Hagens’ Body World] which I unfortunately did not purchase!  🙁  We got there pretty late and wouldn’t have had time to go through each and every exhibit of this museum, but we saw and learned a lot while we were there!

All photos were taken by myself with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (simply because I was too lazy to carry around the Sony A5100).

Want to see more pictures?  Click here to follow me on IG!  To respect these establishments, I’m only posting a few photos from the places that I visited to show particular displays that I was interested in.  You should see them in person yourself!

Hope you found this post helpful and that it gave you some ideas for an upcoming trip you may be planning to Los Angeles!  As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions below!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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