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January 27, 2018 0 Comments

Online shopping for glasses honestly makes me worry mostly because of fit.  It’s hard to tell how frames will look with your face shape unless you try them on.  Not only are eyeglasses something that people see right away when you see someone in person, but they also help you SEE.  It’s super important!

While contemplating trying some glasses from Warby Parker, I thought I should explore more online options for eyeglasses and came across a company calls JINS.  [Click here to see my Warby Parker review]  I asked some friends if they’ve tried purchasing glasses online and felt more comfortable when JINS was one of the suggestions.

Browsing the JINS website was pretty tough.  Unfortunately, there isn’t an at home try on option, so I had to make a purchase to try on some frames.  The selection is huge!  There are many frames with lenses that are reasonably priced [many ranging between $80-$120] and there seems to sale items with prices starting at $60.  This includes the frame, lens, case and [free] shipping.

Some things to note when shopping on their site:

  • There are TONS of options!
  • You can filter the frames to certain styles, colors, fit, etc. to help narrow down options
  • Alternative fit frames available!  For those with a low nose bridge *raises hand*
  • The style names are unique and code like – it can be difficult to remember style names
  • Glasses come with a basic case, but you can also pay $5 [donation to causes] to get a more elaborate case.
  • Wide variety of lens coasting options – the default is anti-reflective and UV coating

I placed an order on 1/10/18 for frame LRF-16S-027 in Aqua Blaze, Alternative Fit, Single Vision, default lens with the Japan case.  It arrived on 1/20/18, which wasn’t bad.  I was a little disappointed because their website says it takes 30 minutes to make the glasses in store!  It took about a week from my order date to get an email that my glasses hadbeen shipped.

When I opened the box, I was blown away by the Japan case.  It is such a work of art, and super sturdy!  Taking the frames out of the case, they felt really lightweight and high quality.  I also appreciated the clarity of the lens [you can barely tell they are there!]

I was disappointed when putting the glasses on though.  🙁  These glasses look a little silly on my face.  The frames are HUGE!  A little deceiving from the pictures online.  It would have helped to have an actual person wearing them in the online photos to give shoppers a more accurate picture of what the frames might look like when worn.

Sadly, I’ll have to return these because the style just isn’t going to work out.  These glasses were super high quality and really impressive.  I wish I could keep the case, though!  But that’s going to have to be sent back too 🙁  Just another reason to book a trip to SF or LA so I can check out JINS at their store!

*This is not a sponsored post.  I have purchased these items with my own money.  I always promise to give my honest feedback.*

Shelly at Simple Casual Chic