After the free facial facial treatment I got at Nordstrom, I decided that I would pick up some of the products that I got to try and asked to have them set aside for the triple bonus points event!  🙂

Perfect timing!

Two products I purchased were the Cranberry Toner and ‘Golden Grain Gommage’ Exfoliant.  I think the Cranberry Toner looks pretty interesting in the bottle, it looks like the ingredients are swirling around in the bottle when you shake it!  Sounds weird, and trust me, it’s difficult to describe.  When applied it feels really tingly on the face (and being alcohol free), it’s actually what the product is known to do.  The ‘Golden Grain Grommage’ was recommended to me by the esthetician, as a quick product that only needs to be applied for a couple of minutes in the shower and would be the product she’d suggest I get out of any other product she used on my skin.

I currently have a full size of their ‘Triad’ Toner Pads that I purchased at a previous beauty trend event.  The jar contains 45 toner pads, which I’ve been told is basically cotton rounds soaked in their Cranberry Toner.  I really like these because it helps my skin feel refreshed and clean, similar to those Simple makeup wipes that I really like, but it does have a strong, sweet, fruity scent.  [If you aren’t into fragrant skin care products, the smell might bother you.]  The reason why I use it somewhat sparingly is because it was pretty pricey for 45 pads, so I feel like I need to make it a little more worth my while.

I also received a variety of samples as a “gift with purchase”.


A mini size of the Cranberry Toner, Brightening Grommage, Magic White Ice (their oil free moisturizer) and Reozone (a sunscreen).  Looking forward to trying these samples!  I’m actually really curious about the Magic White Ice and am so happy to have this .5 oz sample, so I can at least try it for several days to see how I like it.

Another product that I got to test out during my free facial was the ‘Wine’ Hydrating Mask.  I’m pretty new to the world of masks, but this product felt really good on my skin and really hydrating!  I know it’s hard to tell only after one use, so…we’ll see if I remember this product in the future and maybe I’ll try a full size!

I had previously tried a sample of the White Tea Purifying Cleanser that I mentioned in a previous post [click here to view].  I wasn’t really impressed with the sample size at the time, but after my experience with all these Arcona products at my facial appointment, I’m also thinking about purchasing a full size in the future.

I’m really excited!  I have a difficult time finding products that I really like and am anxious to try.  And most products I’m interested are pretty pricey…  I’d definitely say that Arcona isn’t the most inexpensive product line on the market, but it’s definitely on the more affordable side.  🙂  *thumbs up*

Have you tried any Arcona products before?  Let me know if you have and if there are any products you think I should try!

*This is not a sponsored post.  All products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money and I always promise to give my honest feedback.*

Shelly at Simple Casual Chic