5 Lifestyle Changes To Make In 2018

January 20, 2018 0 Comments

Instead of resolutions, I like to try to make intentional lifestyle changes.  I have a purpose behind lifestyle changes I plan to work on in 2018, which makes me more motivated to commit to them!  Wish me luck!

  1. Cut back on single use plastics
    It always bugs me when I see pictures of plastics and litter washing up on the beach.  It’s harmful to the environment and it’s really dirty.  Need I say more?  I recycle as much as I can, or as much as I know how to and have access to recycle, to reduce what I put out into the environment.  I really want to take this one step further and reduce the amount of single use plastics – plastic forks/spoons/knives, plastic zip bags for food, etc. by changing the way that I take home lunch to work.  I’m starting to bring my own utensils so that I can eat my home lunch without any excess waste.
  2. Walk more
    Incorporating more walking into every day life isn’t a huge boost towards a crazy fitness regimen.  However, walking more over time can greatly improve your life in the long run.  I live conveniently near grocery and drug stores, and the post office, and can take a 5-10 minute walk to get there.  If I need something small from the store, why not walk there?!  It takes only a couple more minutes to walk, as it would to get into the car, back out of the garage and drive.  Another way to get a little more walking into your every day life is that when you drive to the store, park on the farther end of the parking lot.
  3. Set a stretching schedule
    Stretching is so important and it’s something that I forget to do all the time!  I know in the long run, I’ll thank myself so much more I start stretching regularly now!  It relieves stress, helps sustain full range of motion and is great for joints.  There are so many times when I feel stiff or achy, and I know that stretching would help alleviate that.
  4. Get outside
    I’m an indoor kinda gal.  Seriously.  But getting outside and enjoying the environment is healing and helps me get some much needed vitamin D.  Doing so will also help me stay active!  I also have a dog that needs to get more exercise and fresh air.  🙂  Here’s to getting outside more in 2018 and doing some easy hikes!
  5. Try new things
    Something that has been holding me back from having new, fun experiences is being afraid of trying new things.  I need to learn that there are rewards from trying new things.  Not every outcome is going to be positive, but I can learn from all experiences [depending on my perspective].  Trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone will only bring positive outcomes in the long run.

Hope I’m able to keep these 5 things in mind throughout 2018 so that I can live my best life!  🙂

What are you working on in 2018?  I’m interested to hear about your goals!

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