Working out is tough!  It can be challenging to find the time to do the everyday work, school and family routine.  Forget having a personal life.  And even more so, how can you make it to the gym?!  I’m definitely not obsessed with working out, so I can relate to the struggle!  Exercise has helped me manager stress and feel like I’m in better health.

It’s important to make time to care for yourself, but how do you get motivated once you found that time?  For those of you who are looking for ways to take better care of yourself but are having trouble getting started, here are some of my tips to help motivate you to get some exercise in your life!

Group Workout Classes

Just getting started and not quite sure what kind of workout works best for you?  That was me a few years ago.  While I might look like I’m in shape because of my petite build, I’m definitely lacking in strength.  Don’t even ask me to do cardio!  -_-

It took a while, but after trying a few different group workout classes [which included yoga, aerial yoga, reformer Pilates and barre] I was able to find enjoyment in exercise.  Some of these workouts are actually pretty fun!  It helps to have an instructor to walk you through the steps and provide modifications to the various exercises.  This helps the beginners to get adjusted to the class and learn proper form, but also steps it up for someone who wants more of a challenge.

And, it just helps to have something scheduled in to show up for.  Or else I’ll never go!

BTW, barre is my favorite workout  😉  Curious about what this workout involves?  Click here!

Cute Workout Clothes

Looking good can help you feel better about working out.  It’s the same mentality as wearing your favorite outfit to work or on a weekend out with friends!  Why shouldn’t workout clothes give you the same feeling?!  After all you’re working towards being your best self!

My personal favorite workout clothes are from lululemon.  One might argue they aren’t worth the splurge, but I disagree!  My favorite items from lululemon are super comfortable and flattering.  I’ve also worn them tons of times and they’re still in great shape!  [Excellent cost per wear!]

Comfortable Shoes

It’s surprising how much of a difference a great pair of sneakers can make when it comes to exercise.  Exercising in uncomfortable shoes just doesn’t work!  It will make you dread doing it even more!

I’m not an expert when it comes to finding the right size or style of shoe, but I would suggest going to a store where someone can assist you with finding what works best.  Just make sure the shoes are comfortable!  I personally like Asics and Nike shoes and find that they have styles that are lightweight and comfortable.  It might just be me, but I really like it when my sneakers give me a little bounce in my walk!  Must be those gel insoles?

Find a Gym Buddy

I’m much less likely to go to the gym if I’m going there alone.  Find a friend to accompany you to the gym to help keep you accountable!  Set workout goals together and help encourage each other to reach those goals.  Don’t worry if you aren’t at the same level – work at your own pace!  Your goals don’t have to be identical, they just need to be something that you’re working towards!

Trust me, this one works really well!  The more your gym buddy is into working out, the more they’ll motivate you to workout harder too!

What helps to motivate you to workout?  What are your workout goals?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*This is not a sponsored post.  Any brands mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money.  I always promise to give my honest feedback.*

Shelly at Simple Casual Chic