New Year, New Goals!

As 2018 gets started, it’s common to plan out new goals for the new year.Β  Instead of writing a long list of things that I hope to do in 2018, I decided to keep my overall goals for the year simple.Β  I can always add more goals throughout the year πŸ™‚

  1. Try something new more often!Β  I think we can all benefit from new experiences and learning new things.Β  It’s how we grow as individuals.Β  I’m currently looking for classes that I can take locally to learn new things, but they are so hard to find!Β  The last class I took was to learn calligraphy [click here for post] but I’m also interested in learning some basic photography and photo editing.Β  I’m sure there are tons of other interesting classes to take, so I’m keeping an open mind πŸ™‚Β  But also, trying new things.Β  I’m pretty hesitant when it comes to new experiences.Β  There are many things that I’m not particularly interested in.Β  BUT, maybe I should just try them anyway?Β  LOL!Β  I probably have more to gain than lose, right?!
  2. Stretch and meditate regularly.Β Β General wellness is important.Β  Stretching helps relieve tension and increase range of movement.Β  Now, people who know me are probably thinking…”Shelly, you’re young!Β  Why are you worrying about these things?”Β  My thoughts are that it’s better to do regular maintenance now so there’s no need to fix something that’s really wrong later!Β  Meditation is another stress reliever, but also helps to change mindset and be more aware and mindful of the body.
  3. Stop worrying so much.Β Β Worrying has probably prevented me from doing great things.Β  Blogging.Β  Posting things on social media.Β  Worried about getting things just right or that I’m not sharing information that’s actually valuable.Β  But, what does that leave me with?Β  Constant hesitation and, in the end, I just never get around to posting things.Β  So, what do I say to myself – STOP WORRYING!Β  Just click the publish button or snap the photo and put it on the internet!Β  Who cares?!Β  At the end of the day, I’m just holding myself back.Β  I don’t do anything crazy or inappropriate, so seriously?Β  It’s not going to hurt anyone πŸ˜›

Anyway, that wraps up my super quick and short list of goals for 2018.Β  I think it will really go a long way because they are so broad but will help me overcome things that I want to work on throughout the year.Β  I definitely know that there will be smaller, short term goals along the way that I’ll add in as the months go by.

What are you goals for the new year?Β  Let me know!

Shelly at Simple Casual Chic